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Fall 2019 Pilates Mat Series with Sara Kennedy Mele


Move with grace and strength from your center ~ A 10-week Pilates Mat Series with Sara Kennedy Mele. A total body/mind conditioning program that lengthens and strengthens your body through learning how to use small muscles to balance and correct our routine habits of overusing specific big muscles. Learning The Method - flexion, extension, rotation and lateral flexion in a controlled order - will increase total strength, flexibility, coordination, balance, breath, agility, concentration and posture.

Sara Kennedy-Mele moved to Alpine from Austin in 2010. She operates her own studio, "Pilates in the Barn," where she also teaches privates, duets & mat classes. In Austin, she was the Pilates Director at The Hills Fitness Center in West Lake starting in 2003. Fully certified in The Pilate System in 2002, Sara brings a wealth of information to her teaching from training with many Elders and Masters. Pilates changed her life and she likes to give this gift to others.