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Ashtanga Mini Series with Natania Frydman


Natania was introduced to yoga in Dharmsala India at 18 on a 6 months stay there. Within the first conscious breathe a feeling of coming home planted itself her chest, and she has carried this seed with her throughout the many countries and cities she has called home the following 8 years. Balancing her training in Ashtanga with her trainings of the soft healing practices of yin, restorative, Ayurvedic massage and meditation her diverse practice is reflected in her teaching. She see’s all of the philosophies she studies as different ways to get to the same destination. All the movements big or small, strong or subtle are in order for us to find and return to our natural great peace already and always existing in us. The practice of yoga is a way for us all to come back home, together.

Now based in Paris she has previously taught in Florence Italy for four years, hosted retreats in Marfa Texas, New York City and Rio de Janeiro.