to Sep 28

Big Sky Yoga


So much gratitude to El Cosmico for sharing Big Sky Yoga with us ~ and when the weather is inclement (too hot / too windy / storm’s a-brewin’ / rainy / cold) we will move the class indoors to The Well. xx

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to Oct 20

Intro to Yoga for the True Beginner

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By popular demand, we bring you Intro to Yoga for the True Beginner....

This is a safe, simple, slow-paced breakdown of basic asanas (poses) and pranayama (breath) that will provide you with a foundation and confidence for a healthy yoga practice. Community yoga meets right after this class, so you have the opportunity to stick around and make this a workshop day with the two classes back-to-back. 

💜Locals💜 ~ Your first Intro to Yoga is FREE, our gift to you, we welcome you. 

Yoga relaxes the nervous system, relieves anxiety, improves posture and flexibility, increases balance and strengthens the muscular and skeletal systems; it also improves digestion and elimination. Pranayama is a practice of breathing exercises that can calm and balance the mind, increase energy levels and mental clarity, reduces symptoms of allergies and asthma, and stimulates the lymphatic system.

Drop-ins are welcome or you can reserve a spot HERE

Email info@thewellmarfa.com if you would like to communicate with the teacher, Monika Bernstein, before your first class.

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7:00 PM19:00

Restorative Sound Journey with Andrea Cortez

Dive deep into the effects of sound ~ shifting states of consciousness and cultivating a profound sense of inner peace. Sound is a powerful tool for transformation that can balance us on many levels. It can calm overactivity in the mind, regulate the nervous system and reverse the physical effects of stress. Come experience the therapeutic sounds of the singing bowls and gong. You can either lay down or sit for this class. You will be guided through a meditative listening experience, using the sounds to shift out of the usual analytic state and into a sensing state and deep relaxation.

Music therapist, Andrea Cortez, MM, MT-BC, generates her work through the power of sound, designing sound experiences that utilize the transformational effects of sound to create positive change on the human biology, energy and mind. Andrea practices out of her music therapy studio in east Austin and offers private sound therapy sessions and sound meditation classes.


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6:30 PM18:30

Sound Healing Circle, via CineMarfa

CineMarfa's opening circle of visionary seekers will gather at The Well to celebrate the inspiring opportunity of being in creative community. Come experience the transformative power of self-healing intention combined with the heartbeat of the drum, crystal bowl vibrations, warm cello resonance, intuitive vocals, and guided sonic release. Honoring the blooming Beltane mid-point of Spring and nearly new moon in Taurus, this fertile living earth energy invites grounded exploration of sacred nature, the holy sensual, and the dissolution of dominator programming that no longer serves, individually or collectively. Part ritual, part exorcism, part journey, part prayer. Prepare to feel lighter.

Sound Healing Circle is a cosmically inspired spiritual transformation space held by Sarah Noelle Gabriel, with the divine accompaniment of Luke Bonecutter.

FREE but donations to the artists are welcomed.

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10:30 AM10:30

Going in with Li, via Marfa Myths

Programmed by Marfa Myths, Going In with Li is a transformational journey in sonic restoration for the brave yet weary caregivers of the world. Participants will be bathed in healing vibrations as Li gently balances personal auras using just her voice and her therapeutic application of responsive electronic instruments. Certified in the practice of Deep Listening®, the sonic philosophies of composer Pauline Oliveros, Li will guide participants in deep listening meditations, optional body movement and vocalizing.

Lisa is an independent and interdisciplinary artist, performer and composer from Houston, Texas. Trained as a classical voice/opera singer, she performs across a wide range of genres and mediums. Her work focuses on the energetic relationships between body, land, spirit and place. She uses voice, theremin, movement, improvisation, meditation and new media to explore healing in performance and living.

You can see more here on Lisa's website and hear more here on her bandcamp.

Enrollment is limited. To register for the workshop please rsvp to sarah@ballroommarfa.org

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to Apr 25

Ashtanga Mini Series with Natania Frydman


Natania was introduced to yoga in Dharmsala India at 18 on a 6 months stay there. Within the first conscious breathe a feeling of coming home planted itself her chest, and she has carried this seed with her throughout the many countries and cities she has called home the following 8 years. Balancing her training in Ashtanga with her trainings of the soft healing practices of yin, restorative, Ayurvedic massage and meditation her diverse practice is reflected in her teaching. She see’s all of the philosophies she studies as different ways to get to the same destination. All the movements big or small, strong or subtle are in order for us to find and return to our natural great peace already and always existing in us. The practice of yoga is a way for us all to come back home, together.

Now based in Paris she has previously taught in Florence Italy for four years, hosted retreats in Marfa Texas, New York City and Rio de Janeiro.

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7:30 PM19:30

New Moon Women's Circle

We welcome Sadie Hart, a musician, modern-day mystic, & moon child to lead a special New Moon Women’s Circle at The Well. Sadie has traveled extensively, most recently landing in Costa Rica where she has both taken and assisted Hatha and Calligraphy Yoga trainings. Currently on tour, Sadie's sacred work is to share the medicine of music + yoga to support the healing of the feminine. You can reserve a spot HERE.


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to Jun 20

Community Yoga Sundays

Community Yoga is a chance to practice for just $5 on Sunday afternoons … Our teachers rotate leading this class and often they choose to donate the proceeds to a community organization that could use our support. Stay tuned for our charitable donation announcements on Facebook and Instagram.

January - Marfa Education Foundation

February - Marfa Martians

March, April, May - Marfa Nutrition Center

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SHIVA + SHAKTI YOGA with Guenter Recht
to Dec 2

SHIVA + SHAKTI YOGA with Guenter Recht

A weekend exploration of Shiva and Shakti with Guneter Recht. Shakti energy keeps you moving and active as power bubbles up in you and your creativity draws on unlimited resources. Shiva energy is in clear, pure, passive consciousness, when you connect with your essence and let go of attachment in clarity and silence. Shiva / Shakti in balance brings serenity / tranquility and a strong "We," as all are one. Guenter loves to visit us at The Well in Marfa from Munich where he teaches daily yoga sessions as well as advanced teacher trainings and retreats across Europe. He has a deep understanding of not only the asana practice but the overall lifestyle and dharma of a full yoga practice. Each session will include pranayama, vinyasa, meditation and dharma talk. Guenter's classes and teaching style is accessible for students of all levels - this is a great opportunity for beginners to build a safe, solid foundation and for more advanced yogi's to deepen and fine-tune their practice.

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